First, there was Food.

I love food.  I love it like macaroni likes cheese.  Mmmmm cheeese…..


I digress…. what I love most about food is the way that it brings people together around a table to participate in an ancient form of survival…eating.  And when that eating brings about moans of satisfaction – and in our family of 6 – a few moments of chewing-induced silence…bliss.

This is where this part of our blog comes in.  I want to share with the world my love of food and its preparation.  NOTHING complicated, cuz, hey, I’m a mom of 4 and I work both inside and outside of the home and at the end of the day, I can’t be bothered by more than 4 steps of preparation.  I want to share with you, world, that you can have it all.  A pleased palate and a short to-do list.  So you can look forward to many posts of my food meanderings – both triumphs (yay!) and failures (we all have them – its reality).

So check back, mothers and fathers of many or few…this page will be for you!!

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