2011 Vacation: Lost cameras, Re-routed airplanes & Instagram.

We just returned from our vacation this past Monday.  It was a whirlwind 12 days in which we:


*Drove 4 1/2 hours to Denver

*Flew to Kansas City

*Survived a 3.5 hour layover in the worst laid out airport before we took off on time

*Circled Washington D.C. for 1 hour during a SEVERE thunderstorm

*Ran out of fuel and re-routed 1 hour to Columbus, OH

*Re-fueled and flew back 1 hour to Washington D.C.


And that was just the first day!

We were in Washington, D.C. for ministry but were able to squeeze in some of the sites while there.  We perused the Museum of Natural History, rode the Metro, sampled some delicious Chinese food in Chinatown, visited the International Spy Museum store (EXPENSIVE to get in) and the kids loved it all.  Right up to the point where the heat index was somewhere around 100 degrees and even I contemplated throwing a tantrum.  Thank God, for He provided us with a hotel pool.


After a few days in D.C., we made another journey (WAY less exciting plane ride than the first leg) to Carmel, Indiana.  Just in time for the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel…which is where we went to Mass on Sunday…okay, now I’m starting to sound like Brad.  We were in Carmel to visit Uncle Caesar…Ava’s Godfather and Big Guy Extraordinaire.


The Most Innocent Transformer I’ve EVER Seen at the Indy Children’s Museum

We had a blast with their family tooling around the Greater Indy Area and visited the Indianapolis Children’s Museum (BEST in the country in my humble opinion) and the Indianapolis Zoo.

Smiling…though we were melting…at the Indy Zoo


Again, the heat index was beginning to climb into “MISERABLE” while spending our time there and specifically at the Zoo, the animals seemed to have lost their will to live.  I was right behind them…and also contemplated that Hell is nowhere I want to spend eternity.  Can’t imagine the heat index there… and I’m a wuss.  A wuss for Jesus.


While in Indy, we realized, at some point, we had misplaced our very nice, somewhat new, camera.


INSERT AN ODE TO THE CANON: Oh Canon…we really did love you…it was nothing personal…and keeping you was the cheapest option by far…but it was not written in the stars to have you anymore.  I hope whoever has you in their possession now enjoys you…and the picture of Caed next to the T-Rex skull. 


Herein lies the rub:  I cannot take pictures without sweet lost Canon and post them on the blog…so I have resorted to my trusty iPhone…and a sweet free app called “Instagram.”

Simon B…and his sweet vacay sunglasses via Instagram


It will have to do, people.  Ye trusty readers…who total maybe 5 (not counting the spammers who think my ideas are “resourceful”).  So, be prepared for artsy and somewhat weird pictures of food until our budget can stretch to accomodate a new camera. One that will be loved….One that will be insured…one that will be duct taped to our side at all times.


Let the picture madness commence!!


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