Advent Music

If I had my way, I would have added to the subject line “Advent Music…to soothe the savage beast of marketing and rubbish.”  But then it was too long…


Wanted you all to know of a band…Future of Forestry and their incredible 2 part album entitled “Advent Christmas.”  Musicality that inspires me.  Not just to make better music but BONUS! They know Jesus…and sing of Him regularly.  Hallelu for good Jesus music that is inspired not by Nashville…but by the waiting arms of a servant.


Advent is extra special to me this year.  With stores opening up at midnight just after the turkey cools, the meaning of the season truly lost in marketing – not to mention some of my own revelations this year – I am in love with waiting.  Waiting for the Ultimate.  A Promise.  A Savior.  In the homily last week, my pastor recently related the meaning of the word “advent.” It comes from the Latin “adventus” which means “arrival.”  Yes, yes…we all know who “arrived,” but the way Father Lucas portrayed it was this:  “The One who is coming to YOU.”  And He comes to us… in Word and in the action of others around us and in the way we interact with our family.  He comes to me in my suffering and tears and the suffering and tears of those I love…and those I hardly know.


Though I know He is with me…I guess I need this annual reminder just how far He came…for me.



A teenage girl and her soon-to-be.
A simple trip far as they could see.
The sky was clear and the hour serene.
But did they know what the night would bring.


Lonely hearts strung across the land
They’ve been waiting long for a healing hand.
My heart was there and I felt the chill
Love came down and the earth stood still
Love came down and the earth stood still


Shepherds stirred under starry skies
Tasting grace that would change their lives
The angels trembled and the demons did too
For they knew very well what pure grace would do.


The hope of the world and a baby boy.
I remember Him well like I was there that night.
My heart was there and I felt the chill.
Love came down and the earth stood still
Love came down and the earth stood still
Love came down and the earth stood still


  1. Patricia Prenosil says

    Thank you so much!! I have been looking for advent music to play. The Christian radio station here plays all Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas and I need something Advent oriented but all I could come up with were the traditional hymns–good, but I wanted more. I am so glad you found this and I found your site!

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