The Wreath of Wrath: A Pinterest Accomplishment

I really wish I didn’t like Pinterest so much.  It is an addictive element for many reasons including the fact that I can go for DAYS without so much as a peep at who is pinning what, and then one day – in a virtual Pinterest-binge – wake up 2 hours later and rationalize that I was in some sort of time-space warp.  Someone had been pinning crazy things with my name!  Everything from how-to-save-the-world-by-sewing-a-skirt-made-out-of-recycled-tires (or something like that) to some hilarious meme that reads “I hate it when I’m making milkshakes and boys just show up in my yard.” 

Its a love-hate relationship, Pinterest and I.  On one hand I really want to do all those things it tells me to do, but, alas, I do not have a penchant for time-space warping.  I’m really busy.  On the other hand, Pinterest has a way of making me feel somewhat lazy and incomplete (check out this post on another blog for more) but I won’t have that tone.  I won’t have it!

So, here is my Pinterest Project – AKA The Wreath of Wrath.  Really, a conglomeration of a couple of projects put together, but all in all, I’m pleased.

Started with these materials:

Yarn, Straw Wreath, & Paper Flower


Wrapped the wreath in yarn 80,000 times – while the dog and 2yo Baby F tried to sabotage me by eating it and/or tangling it, all while watching an episode of Doctor Who – or until the wreath is completely covered.

Snipped off the heads of the paper flower (and some other flowers that matched the theme) and hot glued them on to look like this:

Done and done.  In 2 hours or less, and for approximately $20, I soothed the savage Pinterest beast.  My door is happier and so am I.   In yo FACE, Pinterest! (until next time…)

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