You Are So Busted!

Photo by Joia Farmer


This actually happened this morning.  Our 10-year-old was ready for school early (miraculous in and of itself) and I caught him on the couch with his rosary in hand, quietly praying the Divine Mercy chaplet!


Here’s how it happened.  One of the best bits of parenting advice I’ve picked up over the years was to let your children “catch” you praying.  Last year I decided to pray the Divine Mercy Novena starting on Good Friday and ending the Saturday before Divine Mercy Sunday.  I was alone in our bedroom, but with the door open, sitting quietly on the bed praying the chaplet.  Jack passed by and noticed me.  He came in.  “Dad, what are you doing?”  I explained and he said, “Can I do it with you?”


For the next eight days the whole family got into it and the kids (even the younger ones) looked forward to the prayer and didn’t want to miss a day.  They loved having a rosary in hand and counting through the prayers.  Way more focused than our normal nighttime prayer ritual.  Some nights we did the whole chaplet together, other nights we would do a decade or two together, then I would finish after putting the younger ones to bed.


We did the novena again this year beginning on Good Friday, and once again all the kids were on board and excited.  You can only imagine how surprised and excited I was when our 4th grader owned the prayer for himself.  I am well aware of the influence parents’ actions have on their kids, even beyond our words.  St. Therese of Lisieux was influenced by her fathers devotion and dedication.  Blessed Pope John Paul II‘s devotion was forged by seeing his father’s example.  And on and on with the Saints.  What are we doing to truly be “Saint Makers”?




  1. Marcie Frazee says

    Beautiful. If I had only known then (when my children were home & growingi up) what I know now, I can only wonder if my two youngest (out of three) would have embraced their Catholic faith that I was so trying to teach them with my very limited knowledge. Kudos to you, Brad and Joia, for allowing your children to “catch” you in the act of practicing your faith and for encouraging them to join in! Peace, love and God’s blessings to you all! 🙂 <

    • Ah Marcie…but seeds were planted and you never know what the Lord will do. Our next Divine Mercy chaplet will be for your kiddos…

      • Divine Mercy have mercy on me and my husband pray for us every day We do love you Lord with all our hetras and forever and ever Amen .We do believe in you that can make a miracle in our lives!!!

        • Divine Mercy I offer my life to you, bind our hearts of my hbasund with your love Lord, mercy us and my hbasund & my 2 sons with the happiness, love & care to live with you Lord God bless us always

    • Dear Heavenly Father, at first I didn’t understand why my mhteor always spare her time praying for Divine Mercy.Now I know. Divine Mercy opens my eyes to You, oh Lord. Since I’m having my anxiety and difficulties and need healing through prayer, You have shown me that You are here with me all the time, assisting and give me comfort, holding my hand while shivering inside. God always say Do not be afraid, I am here for you Thank You Jesus for saving us. Thank You for appearing in my life.Mother Mary, pray for me and for those people in need of Our God’s Mercy and healing. Amen..

    • Please pray for us and my husband and my two chdrlien. We want to embrace this devotion for the Divine Mercy please give us the strenght to be able to say this chaplet everyday especially my husband. We ask Jesus to come into our hearts. Please pray for my ailing husband that Jesus will shower him His mercy and grant him complete healing through this prayer/chaplet.

  2. Janice Martin says

    “…and a child shall lead them…”

    • Dearest Lord, May Your will be done for the unborn. The ltilte ones who are so easily cast away as if nothing more than trash. I pray the abortionist, their staff, our president and congress, world leaders and Christians everywhere will allow You to touch their souls so we may keep safe the greatest gift You’ve given us . Life.Amen

      • I never knew of this prayer to be a song. Thank you for fnniidg it. I recite this prayer every day, almost exactly at 3 pm. When I do not feel like singing, it makes me sing. This is a beautiful song and prayer.I am very thankful for this Divine Chaplet Mercy. If I had not received salvation, I would never have known how this Chaplet Divine Mercy would make me feel, the way I feel about our Lord, Jesus Christ today.Thanks be to God, and praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ!Amen

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