5 Favorite Things


Okay, this is my first stab at this kinda linky thing.  I am a busy woman.  I am struggling with keeping pants on my 2 year old at any given moment much less tackling the Blog-to-English dictionary.  BUT, even as such, I have resolved to do more writing AND I just so happen to love MoxieWife (aka Hallie Lord), her blog, her fashion sense, her husband’s book Choosing Joy and her cool book Sex, Style & Substance .  I’m linking this up to her blog Moxie Wife.

And… I like favorite things.  I really do.  I am somewhat of a reserved emoter (is that even a word?) so you might not see me jumping up and down and screaming about my favorite things like a freaked out Oprah audience, but I think its a sweet practice to notice the little things that brighten your life week to week. Because, really, if mama ain’t happy…well…you know the rest.

So here goes:

1.  My Kindle

Look at her. Isn’t she pretty???  She’s not just looks either.  Girl’s got some brains to boot.  She allowed me, in post-Middle-School retreat exhaustion, to order a pizza from her and then continue reading only getting up to pay the pizza guy.  And then, right about nap time every day, and after a few chores, she lets loose a siren song so sweet and convincing, that I can no longer help myself.  I sweep her up and settle on the couch with Peppermint Tea, a blanket and a prayer that naptime last a tad longer.  And no, she does not have a name.  That would just be creepy.



Kindle Sister

2.  Peppermint Tea

I looooooove tea.  I drink probably a little too much of it.  Me, my tea and my Kindle are like besties every afternoon.  And since there are so many types of teas, I’ll be specific.  I tend to lean towards a local company, Celestial Seasonings, in Boulder (hippie capital only second to Berkeley) who started their business by gathering “herbs”  in the 70’s.  Uh huh.  But I’ve been on their tour, watched my husband don a hairnet for such, and walked into their Peppermint Room – and let me tell you, both figuratively and literally – it brought tears to my eyes.  Its gooooood stuff.


Minty Freshness

3.  Hillsong United – Zion Album

If you haven’t ever heard of Hillsong United and their music.  I am so sorry.  I really am.  Someone should have prompted you to know the existence of their music.  They have a way of weaving beautiful praise lyrics with incredible instrumentation to make one-of-a-kind stuff.  This album, Zion, though very different than their previous albums, might be my favorite.  In one word.  Ambient.  Loving it and especially the words of truth spoken in my favorite track “Oceans.”  See more in the pic below…

Soul Penetrating Oceans Lyrics

Soul Penetrating Oceans Lyrics

4.  Shakeology

I mentioned a post back about our incredible fitness journey.  One tool that has helped us tremendously is Shakeology.  Breakfast in a glass.  Previously, I didn’t have enough time to cram a piece of peanut butter toast in my mouth while yelling at the kids to get their shoes on for school and chugging coffee.  It was chaos – a moment every day when I was glad a reality show was not following us – but also, not so good for digestion.  Enter Shakeology.  The blender creations we have made have not only streamlined our mornings, but also our health.  And mom is a tad more sane every morn.




5.  The Outdoors

We live on Vaughn Street.  But its a cul-de-sac.  But called a street.  Confusing for many people who have tried to find our house, as you might guess.  But that cul-de-sac/street ends at a preserved Wetlands.  My 2 year old loves nothing more than to take a walk (which for him means running the entire time) through the wetlands and point out different things.  Him: “Duck” Me:  “No, Goose”  Him: “Sword” Me: “No, stick” Him: “Wolf.” Me: “No, that’s a dog.”  Anyway, you get the idea.  It is a delightful way to be present to my small man-child and spend some quality time together in God’s creation.  I love him & Him.

On our "walk"

On our “walk”

And so there you have it.  My week’s worth of favorite things.  Be well, my friends… and enjoy all your favorites today…

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