Picture This

After my last confessionary, this post may come as a shock to you. I won’t beat around the bush.  I know you are very busy.

We have a brand new camera.

Now, before you start reporting me to the FPU Police and demanding our menu contain only rice and beans and that our mantra should be “I’m better than I deserve,” hear me out.
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Tootsie Pops… how many licks?

Here is some end of summer fun for everyone… (originally published in “Digital Apex Attacks” #22, February 6, 2003)

As many of you know, Gene and I [Brad, referring to a favorite workshop by Apex Ministries] tackle the tough questions all of you have about the “Mysteries of the Universe”, and do our best to answer them.  Every now and then we get a really tough or tricky question.  Whenever we honestly can’t answer a question, we do our best to research the answer when we get home.  I was asked fairly recently about the wrappers of Tootsie Pops with stars on them, and not knowing right away, I promised to get to the bottom of the mystery. [Read more…]

Joia @ CatholicMom.com

Joia was recently interviewed by Lisa Hendey, founder of of CatholicMom.com.  A HUGE thanks to Lisa for the article.

The musicians who live in my house probably dream sometimes about having a mom as cool as Catholic rocker Joia Farmer. This amazing mom of four, a pro-life advocate, musician and speaker has done an amazing job of using her God-given talents to spread faith and joy to so many. I’m happy to share my recent conversation with Joia and hope you’ll enjoy and purchase her music to support her fantastic apostolate.

Read the whole interview (concert video included) by clicking here

Baby Simon’s Dance Video

Check out this kid’s moves!  Not bad for 10 months old. And, yes… he’s ours.