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After my last confessionary, this post may come as a shock to you. I won’t beat around the bush.  I know you are very busy.

We have a brand new camera.

Now, before you start reporting me to the FPU Police and demanding our menu contain only rice and beans and that our mantra should be “I’m better than I deserve,” hear me out.

Last summer, our camera left us. It was a mutual decision and I believe our camera has found a new family who will treat it with the respect it deserves because, well, basically, we abandoned it in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor somewhere. Then, I went on to post our lament for such a travesty of photographic proportions but also our hope in a little app called “Instagram.” I used those pictures for the TWO posts I actually wrote… and it served me well.

About a month ago, a good friend (and incredible philanthropist) apparently couldn’t stand the kitschy, weathered look of every photo I posted either here or on Facebook, and graciously (and most surprisingly) sent us a new camera!  [“Alleluia Chorus” here]


(Ironically, this photo was taken with Instagram.)



Its amazing… need I say “Holy DSLR!!”  After one lesson from a friend – and incredible photographer in town (check out his stuff here), I am supremely hooked.  My kids are tired of a lens in their face, my in-laws didn’t have an actual conversation with me all weekend when I wasn’t looking at them through a viewfinder, but I digress.  Me loves the camera.  But, hey, I want to harken to days of yore (ie the last 7 months) and give a shout out to Instagram.  You were good enough, my friend. So let’s review some photos from “yore” and now.   That’s right… a good old-fashioned Instagram/DSLR showdown. So without further adieu:

Instagram Kid:

Breakfast Date


 Rebel Kid (don’t like the sound of that):


Instagram Food:


 Rebel Food (I think I had that in Peru…
because it REBELLED against me… but, again, I digress):

All in all, I’m pleased with Instagram. It has served me well these past several months.  But I just can’t get past how unbelievable the pictures from my new Rebel friend turn out… every. time.  So I’m going with the Rebel… that’s how I roll.

What do you think??


  1. Love it! and the pictures are way better! I dropped our camera in Disneyland and broke it 🙁 So I might be shopping for a new one soon.

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